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Micro Blading Eyebrows

Micro blading is a medical procedure, which is a two step process. Micro Blading is a semi permanent way of creating brush like strokes of hair to implement a perfect eyebrow everyday.  After your initial appointment you will have a follow up appointment which is 4 to 6 weeks after your initial visit, this is included in the total charge  of the procedure. If you choose to schedule your follow up visit AFTER the 4-6 week time frame you will be charged an additional touch up fee of $150.00. If the after care instructions are followed you will enjoy your new brows for 12-18 months. With the extra steps we take the procedure is virtually painless. We take great pride in our Spa, we are licensed, state certified and follow all guidelines of sterilization. Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to scheduled appointment time, so that we may apply topical anesthesicand to fill out necessary paperwork. 

Eyebrow Touch Up

After having your eyebrows Micro Bladed you will need to set up an appointment to come back in 4-6 weeks after the initial service to have them touched up. This appointment is to fill in any areas that may have lost pigment in your eyebrow. If you attend your touch up appointment during the 4-6 week time frame there is no additional charge. If you book an appointment AFTER 6 weeks there will be an additional $150 touch up fee.


Please keep in mind when making your appointment

Please arrive 15 min before you appointment for paper work

You will be here for at least 1-2 hours

Do not Dye, Tweeze , Wax, Thread or Laser off your eyebrows for 7 days before or after your procedure

You can not be Pregnant or Breast-feeding or on there menstrual cycle

You have be 18 or older

No Smoking or having any Alcohol or Tylenol the night before or morning of your appointment

If you  just had Botox ? If so you need to wait  2 weeks to have this done

Avoid the sun, tanning beds and spray tans for 5-7 days following appointment 

Price are 

Micro Blading  $350.00

Eyebrow Touch Up $150

Miss Kay's has the right to Refuse Service to anyone

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