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3-D Nipple Tattooing

When Nipple Sparing Mastectomy isn't an option or breast reconstruction takes place at a time after mastectomy the newly reconstructed breast 

may be complete with a recreation of the nipple as the finishing touch.  

This procedure Post Mastectomy Nipple tattooing isn't an option on the breast to make them more complete. This is a method that will be used to

create an image of a nipple or areola on the skin with dimensional shaping within the pigment of the tattoo ink. 

This technique adds visual realism to the coloration used to restore the nipple pigment.

The Process

When you enter the procedure room, you and we will discuss the best options for you in regards to pigment tone and other details related to the image that is to be created. Then careful design markings will be applied and the pigment application is complete. We want to make sure you get a realistic result you are happy with. Miss Kay's is an elegant private environment that is comfortable an inviting.

The Follow Up

Miss Kay will give you your after care instructions following the completion of your procedure. Careful attention to after care will ensure the best possible outcome in your newly applied 3D nipple image. We will schedule a follow up appointment 6 weeks from initial procedure.

Prices Are

Both Breast $600

Single Breast $300

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment time you must call (515) 669-4222 at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time otherwise you will be charged $100.00 for the time that was set aside for you. Thank you for respecting what we love to do most. Serving you!

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