Take back your time applying brow pencils and make up! 

you can have the perfect look all the time

Say goodbye to smudges, unevenness, and imperfections! Free yourself from the stress of having a steady hand for the most accurate eyeliner application. A subtle eyeliner in black or brown is appropriate for everyday, and can be made more dramatic with the addition of  more traditional make up when desired just by following the perfect line.

There is no down time, however the eyeliner will take about a week to heal. Please follow the after- care instructions and return for your Perfecting Session (this is included in the price of the Eyeliner Perfection treatment within 4 weeks). Between the initial treatment and the Perfecting Session, you may experience peeling of the eyeliner color and fading of the treated area. This is natural and part of the treatment process. 

    Please remove your eyelash extensions before the treatment.

    Please do not wear contact lenses to this appointment.

Your eyeliner will last from 3-5 years.

After Care

Please return within 4 to 6 weeks after the initial eyeliner treatment for the complimentary Perfecting Session. Eyeliner is a two step process and the Perfecting Session is necessary to set the shape and color of your eyeliner. The Perfecting Session will build on the color that is already absorbed by the skin.  The same process as the initial treatment will be followed.

For the b​est color retention, please avoid the following for one week after treatment: saunas, excessive sweating, sun exposure and eye make up. Avoid the following for two weeks: swimming and facials. 

Available in Ankeny, IA

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Please note all prices do not  include sales tax (6%) and tip for the specialist. Tips are customary for good service , and usually average 15-20% of the treatment price. If you are paying with a credit card there will be a 3% convenience fee add

We do accept cash or Venmo

ALL appointments require a credit card to book. We have a 48 hour cancellation policy.  For late cancels or no shows, we charge you $50 per service .

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Permanent Eyeliner 

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