treat these perfectly formed and colored lips like you were born with them

Miss Kay uses a medical- grade device to create the lip stain. A topical numbing cream will be applied to the lip that will take effect in approximately 20 minutes.

There is no downtime, however the lip will take about two weeks to heal. Please follow after-care instructions and return for the Perfecting Session (included in the price of the True Lip Color treatment) within two months. Between the initial treatment and the Perfecting Session, you may experience fading of the treated area. This is natural and part of the treatment process. 

Results will last for up to two years. Color will soften by up to 50% and any swelling will subside.

After Care


Apply our specially-made after-care cream for best results. Use a q-tip to apply to lips. Do not pick at the lips when the color starts to peel. To be certain color is not compromised, please avoid the following for two weeks after treatment: swimming, spicy food, and lip makeup. Please be aware of teeth whiting toothpaste as it will fade the lip color faster.


Please return within two months of the initial True Lip Color treatment for the complimentary Perfecting Session. True Lip Color is a two-step process and the Perfecting Session is necessary to set the shape and color. The Perfecting Session will build on the color that is already absorbed by the skin. The same process as the initial treatment will be followed.

A touch up can be done to refresh the lip color, you can use a darker color if desired to achieve the results you are wishing for.

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Please note all prices do not  include sales tax (6%) and tip for the specialist. Tips are customary for good service , and usually average 15-20% of the treatment price. If you are paying with a credit card there will be a 3% convenience fee add

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ALL appointments require a credit card to book. We have a 48 hour cancellation policy.  For late cancels or no shows, we charge you $50 per service .

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