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        Permanent Make Up & Micro Blading

Miss Kay's Permanent Make Up & Micro Blading

Miss Kay's Permanent Make Up and Micro Blading is the foundation of elegance for your face. Each process is individualized and unique to you. Miss Kay is a permanent cosmetic artist who has been through extensive and intensive training to provide you with the safest procedures and the best results.

As a client, your decision for permanent makeup is extremely valuable, and Miss Kay's knowledge and experience is invaluable. Permanent Make Up is an invasive treatment, so having a licensed artist provide your service is extremely important. By choosing Miss Kay's, you know you're in the right hands. 

Everything you need to feel your most Beautiful

Micro Blading

we create your brows just for you.  the most natural -looking 3d  resu​lts perfectly filled in and balanced.

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Permanent Eyeliner

"permanent Make up" treatment, eyeliner perfection brings out the beauty of your eye highlighting and enhancing its shape.

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Permanent Lip Blushing

This treatment brings a healthy, natural- looking blush to your lips. a subtle stain that reveals the perfect lip shape.

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 Areola  &  nipple tattoo

We create the most realistic 3-D areolas and nipples to complete the breast. Results are permanent to Look and feel your most beautiful 

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dry tattooing

Collagen inducing therapy for scars, unpigmented skin and age spots.

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All Services Listed here are provided in The Woodlands, TX

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