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Micro Blading Training ​Course

If you are interested in becoming a Permeant Cosmetic Artist  

This course will train and give you the knowledge and practical skills to preform Micro Blading. 

I only use the highest quality materials in  our permanent makeup pigments.  

It is a 3 Day Course with in Depth Coverage for Every Step of the Procedure.

Durning this Course you will learn the flowing steps to master Micro Blading:

Eyebrow Design Shaping and Brow Mapping,

Hair Stroking,

Safety Sterilization, Sanction and Infection Control, 

Skin Preparation, Tools and Products used During the procedure. 

You will practice on both artificial skin and live models.

You will also learn how to market your skills and price your services. 

The ability to increase your income up to 10 times.

Continuous support after the Micro  Blading Course.

Mirco Blading Certification when you complete the course.

During this Micro Blading Course you will receive a Softap kit.  


Micro Blading Course:


For more information please call 515.669.4222 or email me at

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